Enabling Excellent Outcomes for your customers


Level 3 Certificate in Advice and Guidance

Duration: 13-26 weeks


The certificate is for new and unqualified advisors or front line staff providing advice and guidance to their customers, learners and clients. This practical programme of tailored learning comprises of a selection of mandatory and optional units chosen to reflect the learner's career pathway.

Delivery can be designed to suit the needs of your business - with most businesses opting for a one to one mentored support approach. The portfolio requires a combination of knowledge and performance evidence and this is gathered through observations, case studies, oral question & answer and written work. Our mentored approach always puts even the most nervous candidates quickly at ease. 



Level 4 Diploma in Advice and Guidance

Duration: 26-52 weeks

The diploma course is a hands-on, mentoring based, career development programme which provides the next step in your career. It’s for professionals that already hold the Level 3 qualification in advice and guidance who have 3 or more years of experience in the sector and are looking to progress their career.

This programme is framed around delivering a service improvement project that will get you noticed by your employers and allow you to pass on the IAG skills you have developed to less experienced staff, setting you on a path to supervisory or mentoring.